Eglwys Slipway – Tata

Client TATA Steel
Project New Slipway and anchor foundation
Completion Date 05/2011
Contract Period 6 Weeks
Value £40K

During the 1st month of running the Civil and Building Maintenance contract within Tata which commenced in January 2011, we were given a challenging new project by the Civil Department on behalf of the C.E.S (Central Engineering Shop). The project was to design and build a new concrete slipway and anchor foundation for a custom made floating pontoon being fabricated by the C.E.S department. This was a Tata community scheme in partnership with the Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir boating club to bring in new disabled access type boats.

After the first project meeting, DLC quickly tendered the design package to two of its approved Consulting Civil Engineering practices. The goal was to find the best engineering solution that met Tata’s budget, the unique environmental challenges from the site and limited time frame in terms of site construction. Upon procuring the best pre-tender design, a firm price was submitted with value savings offered for three potential methods of preparation for the existing reservoir bank below the waterline.

The Civil installations included: –

· Re-profiling of the existing reservoir banks.
· Excavation and formation of a reinforced concrete approach road from the Boat club to the waters edge.
· Construction and installation of precast sections into the reservoir using a specialist driving team. The concrete sections had flotation cells cast in to reduce the overall bearing weight onto the reservoir clay lining floor.
· Construction of a reinforced concrete pontoon anchor base which doubles as a viewing platform.
· Miscellaneous landscaping works.