Our Vision

Darlow Lloyd Construction has an ongoing commitment to the economic, environmental and social well being of the general communities in which we work within South Wales. Our objective is to deliver projects and services responsibly and sustainably while managing the social and environmental impacts of our business.

DLC’s vision to meet or exceed these commitments is stated within our Sustainability Policy and our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

The company will constantly endeavor to refine our methods to deliver this promise by working closely with our customers, supply chain partners, employees, local authority and government initiatives.

Darlow Lloyd Construction Ltd aim to deliver our objectives through the following key areas:

• DLC activity seeks to employ staff and workforce locally in South Wales under equal opportunity conditions and is committed to long-term education and training within the workplace. We are currently associated with National schemes such as ‘Investors in People’ and local schemes such as ‘Workways’ and ‘Redundancy Action Scheme’ (React) II.

• Working together with local Welsh communities through our employees and project team in area such as training, sponsorship, charitable and community initiatives.

• Development of new construction initiatives to reduce waste in Pursuit of our commitment to Halve Construction Waste to Landfill by 2013 to reduce the environmental impact of our Construction and Civil Engineering Services has on South Wales and the UK.

• Constantly reviewing our procurement process on the use of reused, recycled or sustainable sources of material and technologies and introduce sustainable alternatives if possible.

• Ensuring that supply chain opportunities will arise from procured works for local South Wales based suppliers, Subcontractors and SME’s by hosting ‘Meet the Buyer events through mediums such as ‘Sell 2 Wales’ and Construction Line. This we see as mutually beneficial to the local economy and our projects.

• Darlow Lloyd Construction will aim to recruit suitable long term unemployed personnel for our major projects from the local communities in South Wales around each project.

• Engage with national scheme such as the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme’ to ensure that industry best practices are maintained for our projects.

• Managing Company operations to minimise carbon emissions, including site accommodation, type of plant used, type of materials used, reducing commuting and delivery distances to site by utilising local sourcing and employment.

DLC vision for a sustainably future is to constantly evolve our systems to provide a collaborative approach in how we deal with sustainability in our local communities. This we believe will strengthen our corporate responsibility credentials and in turn strengthen our company.

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