Construction of new Revert Stock Yards inclusive of dust suppression system – Neath Port Talbot, South Wales

Client TATA Steel
Project Construction of new Revert Stock Yards inclusive of dust suppression system.
Completion Date 12/2012
Contract Period 32 Weeks
Value £830K

Darlow Lloyd Construction successfully won the design & build contract to carry out works to construct new stock yards inclusive of a dust suppression system. The work was carried out in 2 phases.

The Clients main design brief was as follows: –

Design of  wheel washes to control the spillage of raw material on the roads within the Reverts  area which is generated by dump trucks driving from storing areas to newly formed wheel washes prior to travelling on the main access roads.’

‘The design of concrete slab & walls should be designed in order to minimise the level of dust & to create a mixing area with a slab holding capacity of 7000tonne per bay. The concrete walls should include a dust suppression system.’

Upon successful award of the contract, DLC appointed Civil Engineering designers C.D. Gray for the structural design, Moby Dick for the Wheel Wash & Westco Bilanciai for the Weighbridge.

A non-exhausted list of the civil and mechanical installations are as follows: –

  • Site investigation works
  • Excavation, filling and ground preparation works in preparation for the civil installation works.
  • Design and construction of wheel wash and weighbridge foundations suitable for Lorry types 775D, 771D and articulated road lorries upto a maximum load of 110 tonnes.
  • Design, installation and commissioning of 2No heavy duty wheel wash units complete with recycle pumps, pipework and control gear. The wheel wash units had to satisfy the additional requirements from Tata: –
  • Automatic activation upon approach from either direction.
  • Heavy duty design for harsh working environment.
  • Units must be designed to have a minimum over spray and water loss.
  • Removed dirt and sludge to be removed from water cleaning unit manually
  • No oscillating spray bars to be incorporated
  • Each vehicle must be cleaned around the tyres, wheels, axles and underside
  • Anticipated Usage 6 loaded vehicles in and 6 empty out, Total 12 passes 6 in either direction per hour.

The Wheel Wash systems we successfully delivered for the above design brief and comprised of an insitu reinforced concrete storage tank with capacity of up to 25,000 litres of water which feeds the wheel wash system at a rate of approximately 5.5 thousand litres per minute via 40nr sprinklers. The heavily contaminated materials which are predominantly iron ore particles, slag and mud are collected in the side sided settlement tanks where they are emptied periodically with the reclaimed materials reprocessed.

  • Design, installation and commissioning of 1No heavy duty euro style deck weighbridge with a maximum working load of 110t. The Weighbridge would comprise of a computerised panel which would enable the Lorry drivers to input the load of the lorry and each input will be recorded and sent via computer signals to a centralised computer.
  • Design and construction of concrete access roads, V-ditch drainage channels and connecting drainage systems. The roads also had to withstand heavy site traffic ranging from loading shovels, dozers and dump trucks.
  • Design and construction of mixing bunkers complete with reinforced concrete retaining walls, dust suppression systems and surrounding landscaping.
  • Incorporation of recycled roadblocks developed through our sister company Darlow Lloyd and Sons Ltd. The concrete blocks are produced using Tata waste products thus adding further value to the project from potential hazardous waste landfill charges.
  • Design and construction of concrete roadways to the existing Tata conveyor bunker feed approach roads known as ‘ Pork Chop Hill’

Following the successful completion & handing over of the Revert Storage Bunkers DLC were successful in the bid for the second phase of the project. The works comprised of new Bunker Walls and floors for the 838 conveyor.

The design of concrete slab & walls had to satisfy Tata’s production requirements again regarding repetitive impacts from loading shovels and be able to minimise levels of dust generated from the unloading process. Another dust suppression system was designed, installed and commissioned successfully to deal with these requirements utilising sprinkler spray bars situated at the top of the walls which can be set at different angle sprays to cover small or large areas.

After the scheme went operational the effects on the surrounding roads were very apparent and the collection of the contaminated materials which are now recycled in the process add value to the Business. Darlow Lloyd Construction were very proud to be part of this Project and were lucky to have dedicated Tata Project team to work with from the Burdening Department.