Service Yard – Tallent Automotive

Client Gestamp Tallent Ltd
Project Construction of material storage areas and road infrastructure improvements – GeStamp Tallent Ltd – Llanelli
Completion Date 03/2013
Contract Period 20 Weeks
Value £460k

DLC were awarded the contract by GeStamp Tallent Ltd to replace and upgrade the existing external perimeter roads and provide additional material and tool storage areas to facilitate the factories planned production increases.

DLC’s tender initial construction program of 16 weeks was completed despite some very challenging adverse weather condition during the harsh winter period to satisfy the client’s requirements.  DLC also incorporated additional works requested by the client which extended the contract programme another four weeks.

DLC carried out the works on a Design and Build basis which afforded greater flexibility to meet the clients changing requirements. Using our very experienced network of consultants we were able to accommodate the adverse weather conditions and the client additional works in real time to prevent delays to the project.

The main project consisted of the following works: –

Materials storage and access ramp areas.

  • Site clearance, bulk excavations, ground stabilisation works and re-profiling to accommodate the new material storage areas.
  • Installation of engineered fill to receive the proposed new storage slabs.
  • Design and construction of insitu reinforced concrete retaining walls to accommodate the proposed split level materials storage area.
  • Design and construction of forklift and lorry access ramps to facilitate the newly constructed site.
  • Installation of new storm drainage to accommodate the slab areas.
  • Installation of new land drainage systems.

Existing road infrastructure improvement works  

  • Demolition of existing Tarmac and original sub-grade.
  • Trimming the existing sub-grade, laying new sub-base and compacting.
  • Installation of new road drainage and improvement works to the existing network.
  • Installation of new land drainage systems.
  • Design and construction of reinforced concrete roads complete with movement and construction joints.
  • Reinstatement of pavements and road kerbs in damaged areas.
  • Installation of protection Armco barriers adjacent to existing factory boundaries.
  • Installation of heavy duty steel door protection posts.

With the co-operation of the client’s team, we were able to re-direct the traffic flow around the factory to accommodate closing down certain sections of road during the re-construction process.  This was done successfully to achieve the end product.

DLC place great emphasis on our long term customer relationships and feels very proud to deliver another successful project to such a prominent and loyal client. We look forward to hopefully assisting GeStamp Tallent with future projects and wish them every success with their new venture.